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Week 1 (Replication) : 

Thursday 4 Jan: Bioreg2018ReplicLec1.ppt

As Joachim mentioned during the lecture, please read the comments for each slide, as they are rich in detail and will help round out your notes. The appendix slides also outline some key concepts that will be re-emphasized throughout the course and in the process of preparing your proposal.

Week 2 (Replication): 

Monday 8 Jan: Bioreg2018ReplicLec2.ppt 

Thursday 11 Jan:  Bioreg2018ReplicLec3.pptx

Week 3 (Transcription): 

Thursday 18 Jan: Transcription initation and its regulation in bacteria.pptx

Week 4 (Transcription and Chromatin):

Monday 22 Jan: Transcription Initiation in eukaryotes.pptx

Thursday 25 Jan:  Chromatin_Structure_Func_2018_L1.pdf

Week 5 (Transcription and Chromatin):

Monday 29 Jan:  Bioreg2018_Chromatin_L2.pdf

Thursday 1 Feb: Transcription elongation.pptx

Week 6 (RNA Processing):

Thursday Feb 8: PDF iconRNA_Lecture_1_2018.pdf  FileLecture1_Refs_2018.docx

Week 7 (RNA Processing):

Monday Feb 12: PDF iconRNA_Lecture_2_2018.pdf  FileLecture_2_refs.docx

Thursday Feb 15:  PDF iconRNA_Lecture_3_2018.pdf

Week 8 (Translation): 

Thursday Feb 22: PDF icon Translation_Lecture1_18.pdf

Week 9 (Translation): 

Monday Feb 26: PDF iconTranslation_Lecture2_18.pdf

Thursday Mar 1: PDF icon Translation_Lecture 3_18.pdf