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Week 1 (Replication) :

Lecture 1 (Joachim): Office presentation iconBioreg2017_Replication1_V3.ppt*

Week 2 (Replication):

Lecture 2 (Joachim): Office presentation iconBioreg2017_Replication2_V2.ppt*

* Contains all of Joachim's comments. Please read through.

Lecture 3 (Joachim): FileBioreg2017_Replication3_V4.pptx

* Final version that contain's all of Joachim's comments.

Week 3 (Transcription):

Lecture 4 (Carol): FileBioreg2017_Transcription1_Bacteria.pptx

Week 4 (Transcription and Chromatin):

Lecture 5 (Carol): FileBioreg2017_Transcription2_Eukarya.pptx

Lecture 6 (Geeta): PDF iconBioreg2017_Chromatin1_V1.pdf

Week 5 (Transcription and Chromatin):

Lecture 7 (Geeta): PDF iconBioreg2017_Chromatin2_V1.pdf

Lecture 8 (Carol): FileBioreg2017_Transcription3_Elongation.pptx

Like Joachim, Carol has included notes on some of her slides to help you review them.

Week 6 (Splicing):

Lecture 8 (Hiten): PDF iconBioReg2017_Splicing1_Ribozymes.pdf

Week 7 (Splicing):

Lecture 9 (Hiten): PDF iconBioReg2017_Splicing2_ATPases.pdf

Lecture 10 (Hiten): PDF iconBioReg2017_Splicing3_Noncanonical.pdf

Week 8 (Translation): 

Lecture 11 (Raul): PDF iconLecture 1_17 complete.pdf

Lecture 12 (Raul): PDF iconAndino Lecture2_17.pdf

Movie icon06.8-ribosome_structure

Movie icontrna_induced_fit copy (Converted).mov

Week 9 (Translation): 

Lecture 13 (Raul): PDF iconLecture 3_17 complete.pdf