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Photo Credit: N.R. Fuller, Sayo-Art.

Welcome to BioReg Winter 2018!

Course Description

The aim of this course is to help students shift from the notion of science as a series of "facts" in a textbook to science as a series of imperfect experiments whose results compete to provide most likely interpretations that are integrated into fallible and mutable models. This is accomplished by working through fundamental regulatory principles underlying processes within the central dogma: replication, transcription, RNA processing, translation. The course consists of lectures, in depth discussion of key papers and problem solving workshops. Students defend a research proposal for their final exam.

Bioreg Schedule: Bioreg_2018_schedule_finalv2.docx

Class Lectures

All lectures will be held from 10:40 am-12:10 pm on Mondays and Thursdays in BH 212. When Monday is a holiday lectures will be on Tuesday. 

Review Sessions

The TAs will be available for office hours from 1:00-2:30 pm on Monday in BH 212. These are not mandatory. They provide you with the option ask any questions you have about the lecture material. 

Discussion Sections

Discussion sections are a required part of the course.  Please note that sections are scheduled for Wednesdays from 10:30-noon, with the exception of Section 1 (see below). 


Section 1: Wednesday  2:15 pm-3:45 pm GH S202 (Johnson) 

Section 2: Wednesday 10:30 am-noon BH 211 (Johnson)

Section 3: Wednesday 10:30 am-noon GH S204 (Fung/Marshall/Weinberger)

Section 4: Wednesday 10:30 am-noon GH S202 (Schwer/Panning)


February & March: 

Section 1: Wednesday 9:00 am-10:30 am BH 211 (Johnson/Panning/J. Gross)

Section 2: Wednesday 10:30 am-noon BH 211 (Johnson/Panning/J. Gross)

Section 3: Wednesday 10:30 am-noon GH S204 (Fung/Marshall/Weinberger)

Section 4: Wednesday 10:30 am-noon GH S202 (Schwer)

Section 1

Amanda Chung

Roberto Diaz

Dana Kennedy

Chari Noddings

Reuben Saunders

Henry Ng

Claire Lorenzo

Ady Steinbach


Section 2

Danny Conrad

Pervin Choksi

Victor Lam

Eric Simental

Ulises Diaz

Joy Li

Elise Munoz

Veronica Escalante


Section 3

Francesca Del Frate

Gabriela Canales

Lana Harshman

Joseph Replogle

Janine Sengstack

Ben Herken

Joao Ascensao

Bushra Bibi


Section 4

Varun Bhadkamkar

Gabriella Estevam

Clara Herrera

Christopher Carlson

Manuela Richter

Michael Schoof

Natalie Whitis

Sara Vazquez


26 February 2018: proposal rough drafts accepted for (optional) review

5 March 2018: Problem Set #4: Translation

9 March 2018: Proposals due!

12 March 2018 (5PM): Final class material review with TAs 

13-15 March 2018: Practice Exams