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Boot Camp

Course Directors:  Orion Weiner & Hiten Madhani

We realize that our incoming students come from a wide variety of experimental backgrounds, so the first year begins with a week long series of intensive hands-on courses on cutting-edge concepts and experimental techniques that will be useful in modern biomedical research.  Some of the courses that have been offered are MatLab, Microscopy, and Biochemistry.

Cell Biology

Course Directors:  Adam Frost & Shaeri Mukherjee

Modern aspects of the molecular basis of cell function are examined with emphasis on how cells move, divide and communicate with each other.

Cell Biology 245 Fall


Course Director:  Geeta Narlikar

The course is aimed at helping students plan experiments and critically understand published work in the structure and function of macromolecules.

Biochemistry 200A Fall

Biological Regulatory Mechanisms

Course Director:  Joachim Li

The discovery of principles that form the foundation of molecular biology and recent advances in rapidly developing areas of the field. Topics covered are RNA transcription, RNA processing, protein translation, DNA replication, control mechanisms, and genome structure and organization.

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Biochemistry 201A Winter

Principles in Molecular Genetics

Course Director:  David Toczyski

An in-depth analysis of genetic mechanisms in selected prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Topics include recombination, mutagenesis, gene expression, meiotic and mitotic segregation, and developmental genetics.

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Genetics 200A Winter


During the third quarter, each student takes three minicourses that are each two weeks long. During the course, a small group of students meets daily for several hours with two faculty members for in-depth discussion of research articles in a specific area. These discussions help students understand how to choose an important research problem and how to develop a research program to solve it.

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Admissions Process

The Tetrad program is one of several UCSF graduate programs. You may apply to only one program – it is important to consider which program suits your interests and apply to only that program.

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