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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Faculty in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) Group are drawn from several basic and clinical science departments at UCSF. Research within BMB emphasizes biochemical, proteomic, single-molecule and structural approaches to solve a broad range of problems in modern biology. Members of the BMB group, like those in the other three research groups in the Tetrad program, are highly interactive and collaborative. Indeed, a guiding principle of the program is to instill understanding and appreciation of the interactiveness and interrelatedness of diverse research approaches and experimental systems

First Name Last Namesort ascending Research Title
Keith Yamamoto Signal Transduction and Transcriptional Regulation
Lani Wu Systems biology and pharmacology
Jeremy Willsey Genetic and Systems Biological Approaches to Understanding Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Jonathan Weissman Protein folding, functional genomics
Orion Weiner Cell polarity and migration
Leor Weinberger How viruses (and cells) make decisions
Peter Walter Mechanisms of Organelle Homeostasis
Ron Vale Molecular Motors
Peter Turnbaugh Impact of the human gut microbiome on pharmacology
Thea Tlsty Communal-cell interactions in cancer, genetics, epigenetics
Jack Taunton Actin/Membrane Dynamics and Chemical Proteomics
Robert Stroud Cellular Signaling and Molecular Mechanisms
Kevan Shokat Development of Novel Tools to Study Signal Transduction
Yin Shen Functional genomics and gene regulation
Bjoern Schwer DNA repair and genome stability
Davide Ruggero How translational control shapes the proteome in normal and cancer cells
Oren Rosenberg Molecular pathogenesis of bacteria
David Raleigh Developmental biology, lipid signaling and brain tumors
Rushika Perera Reprogramming of cellular metabolic networks in cancer
Barbara Panning Stem Cell Epigenetics
Patrick O'Farrell Cell cycle control in development
Geeta Narlikar Mechanisms of Regulating Chromatin Structure and Function
Maxence Nachury Trafficking and signaling at the primary cilium
David Morgan Protein Machines That Drive the Cell Cycle
Dan Minor Ion channel structure and chemical biology
Frank McCormick Ras genes and human cancer
Wallace Marshall How Cells Count and Measure
Wendell Lim Cell signaling; systems and synthetic biology
Hao Li Computational Genomics
Joachim Li Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA Replication
Nevan Krogan Systems Biology
Thomas Kornberg Drosophila developmental genetics
David Kokel High-throughput behavior-based neuroactive drug discovery
Martin Kampmann The protein homeostasis network in normal and disease states of human cells
Alexander (Sandy) Johnson Yeast Genetics and Genomics
Yuh Nung Jan Constructing the nervous system
Lily Jan Ion channels
Roshanak Irannejad Organelle-based signaling in cardiovascular biology
John Gross Control of eukaryotic mRNA stability
Carol Gross Regulation of Gene Expression
Hani Goodarzi Cancer Systems Biology and Translational Genomics
Andrei Goga Oncogene Signaling
Zev Gartner Tissue structure and function
Jennifer Fung Chromosome Synapsis and Recombination Control During Meiosis
Danica Galonić Fujimori Chromatin, Ribosome, Protein Quality Control
Adam Frost Structural biology
James Fraser Macromolecular structure and dynamics
Alan Frankel RNA-protein complexes
Robert Fletterick Nuclear receptors, transcription factors
Pamela England Chemical Neurobiology: Ion Channel Structure-Function, Synaptic Plasticity
Hana El-Samad Systems Biology of Stress Responses
Shawn Douglas DNA nanotechnology
Joseph DeRisi Genomics and Infectious Disease
Charles Craik Chemical Biology of Proteases and Their Receptors
Seemay Chou Structural and molecular basis of host-microbe interactions
Yifan Cheng Structural biology, cryoEM
Fred Chang Regulation of Cell Size and Shape
Andy Chang Mechanisms of oxygen and metabolic sensing
Katja Brückner Hematopoiesis and cell signaling
Joseph Bondy-Denomy CRISPR-Cas Biology and Phage-Bacteria Interactions
Allan Balmain Mouse Models for the Study of Human Cancer Susceptibility and Cancer Progression
Raul Andino RNA Viruses, Replication, Pathogenesis and Control
Steven Altschuler Systems biology and pharmacology
Bassem Al-Sady Mechanisms of formation and fidelity of epigenetic elements
David Agard Structure, Function, and Folding of Proteins, Chromosomes, and Centrosomes