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Dividing human epithelial cell in a late stage of mitosis, Torsten Wittmann

Student Publications

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Johnston MJ, Bar-Cohen S, Paroush Z, Nystul TG. Phosphorylated Groucho delays differentiation in the follicle stem cell lineage by providing a molecular memory of EGFR signaling in the niche. Development. 2016 Dec 15;143(24):4631-4642. PMCID: PMC5201033.
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Yuan K, Seller CA, Shermoen AW, O'Farrell PH. Timing the Drosophila Mid-Blastula Transition: A Cell Cycle-Centered View. Trends Genet. 2016 Aug;32(8):496-507. PMCID: PMC4958567.


The academic program for the first year includes three laboratory rotations as well as a core curriculum designed to provide students with a foundation for understanding and conducting research in experimental biology. All students take the four core courses during the first two quarters of the first year, and in the third quarter they choose a sequence of three intensive 2-week minicourses.

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