Genentech Hall

World-Renowned Collaborative Spirit

UCSF graduate programs were among the first in the country to break down traditional barriers between departments and disciplines, and interdisciplinary thinking permeates the program curriculum and faculty.


Highly Innovative and Constantly Evolving Curriculum

Interactive, discussion-based classes complement hands-on research projects.

Students in lab

Curiosity-Driven Research

Faculty and students in the Tetrad Graduate Program are driven by curiosity, leading to fundamental discoveries in all areas of basic biology and biomedical sciences.

Recent Awards

2021 NSF GRFP Fellowship awarded

Jocelyne Fadiga

Fredrick Leon


2021 NASEM Ford Foundation Fellowship awarded to:

Frederick Santana


2020 Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering awarded to:

Scott Coyle (alumnus)


Congratulations to all of our Tetrad student awardees!

Recent Publications

  • Schoof M, Faust B, Saunders RA, Sangwan S, Rezelj V, Hoppe N, Boone M, Billesbølle CB, Puchades C, Azumaya CM, Kratochvil HT, Zimanyi M, Deshpande I, Liang J, Dickinson S, Nguyen HC, Chio CM, Merz GE, Thompson MC, Diwanji D, Schaefer K, Anand AA, Dobzinski N, Zha BS, Simoneau CR, Leon K, White KM, Chio US, Gupta M, Jin M, Li F, Liu Y, Zhang K, Bulkley D, Sun M, Smith AM, Rizo AN, Moss F, Brilot AF, Pourmal S, Trenker R, Pospiech T, Gupta S, Barsi-Rhyne B, Belyy V, Barile-Hill AW, Nock S, Liu Y, Krogan NJ, Ralston CY, Swaney DL, García-Sastre A, Ott M, Vignuzzi M, QCRG Structural Biology Consortium, Walter P, Manglik A

    Science. 2020 Nov 5:eabe3255.