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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han


555 Mission Bay Blvd South, Room 252X Box 3118
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Dengke Ma

Genetic analysis of physiological homeostasis

Our group uses large-scale genetic screens and epistasis analysis in C. elegans to identity novel conserved genes and pathways that control animal responses to changes in physiological states (e.g. altered levels of oxygen, nutrients and temperature). We extend our studies to vertebrate models to understand brain-heart-lung interaction, tissue-protective effects of hypoxic, hyper- and hypothermic preconditioning, and mechanisms that underlie the innate tolerance of ischemia-reperfusion injury in extreme model organisms (i.e. ground squirrels and mangrove killifish). In addition, we are developing a new genetic strategy in both C. elegans and human cells to identify pathways and functions of novel conserved genes in human disorders