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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han


Campus Address: GH, N-272B Box: 2140
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Courses Taught

Robert Edwards

Neurotransmitter Release

We wish to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate neurotransmitter release and how they contribute to normal physiology, behavior and disease.  The lab uses a combination of biochemistry in vitro, optical imaging in primary neuronal culture and genetic manipulation in vivo, and focuses on several fundamental questions:  what regulates the amount of transmitter per synaptic vesicle?  what is the molecular basis for different synaptic vesicle pools?  what is the role of glutamate co-release by monoamine neurons?  what mechanisms mediate sorting of proteins to a regulated secretory pathway?  what is the role of dendritic release?  and how does synaptic function (and the Parkinson’s disease-associated protein synuclein in particular) contribute to neural degeneration?