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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han


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Courses Taught

Zev Gartner

Tissue structure and function

The primary goal of the Gartner Lab is to delineate relationships between a tissue's structure and function across length scales of 10 µm to 10 mm.  With a focus on the human mammary gland as a model tissue/organ system, we have developed a bottom-up chemical approach for assembling components of the gland from multiple cell types and in three dimensions. Assembled tissues are grown under three dimensional culture conditions to reveal how the spatial arrangement of the various cell types contribute to the overall behavior of the cellular community.  Specific questions of current interest include: (1) how does variability in the behavior of individual cells drive emergent behaviors in tissues; (2) how does the spatial arrangement of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions promote both short-range and long-range order in a tissue; (3) how do cell communities suppress aberrant behaviors in individual cells; and (4) how can excess cellular heterogeneity within a tissue contribute to the breakdown of its structure and the progression to disease.