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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han


First Namesort descending Last Name Research Title
Jonathan Weissman Protein folding, functional genomics
Aashish Manglik Structural biophysics of transmembrane signal transduction
Abby Buchwalter Cell biology of the genome
Adam Frost Structural biology
Aimee Kao Lysosome biology and pH dynamics in aging and disease
Alan Frankel RNA-protein complexes
Alexander (Sandy) Johnson Yeast Genetics and Genomics
Allan Balmain Mouse Models for the Study of Human Cancer Susceptibility and Cancer Progression
Andrei Goga Oncogene Signaling
Andy Chang Mechanisms of oxygen and metabolic sensing
Anita Sil Fungal Pathogenesis
Arnold Kriegstein Neocortical development
Arthur Weiss Lymphocyte Signaling and Activation
Averil Ma Ubiquitination and cell signaling
Balyn Zaro Proteomic and chemical biology investigations of innate immunity and hematopoiesis
Barbara Panning Stem Cell Epigenetics
Bassem Al-Sady Mechanisms of formation and fidelity of epigenetic elements
Benoit Bruneau Transcriptional regulation of heart development
Bjoern Schwer DNA repair and genome stability
Bo Huang protein complex; membrane receptor; microscopy
Brian Black Cardiovascular Development
Bruce Conklin Signaling and Functional Genomics
Carol Gross Regulation of Gene Expression
Charles Craik Chemical Biology of Proteases and Their Receptors
Dan Minor Ion channel structure and chemical biology
Danica Galonić Fujimori Chromatin, Ribosome, Protein Quality Control
Daniel Southworth Structure/function of heat shock proteins and protein quality control
Daniele Canzio Transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms generating neural cell-surface diversity
David Julius Molecular biology
David Raleigh Developmental biology, lipid signaling and brain tumors
David Toczyski The DNA damage response and ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis
David Morgan Protein Machines That Drive the Cell Cycle
David Booth Evolution of cell identity and fate
David Agard Structure, Function, and Folding of Proteins, Chromosomes, and Centrosomes
David Kokel High-throughput behavior-based neuroactive drug discovery
Davide Ruggero How translational control shapes the proteome in normal and cancer cells
Dean Sheppard In vivo functions of integrins
Deepak Srivastava Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiogenesis
Dengke Ma Genetic analysis of biological homeostasis and extremophile
Doug Gould Cell-matrix interactions and disease
Dyche Mullins Dynamics of Structure of the Cytoskeleton
Feroz Papa Protein misfolding diseases and new modes for therapy
Frank McCormick Ras genes and human cancer
Fred Chang Regulation of Cell Size and Shape
Geeta Narlikar Mechanisms of Regulating Chromatin Structure and Function
Graeme Davis Synapse Formation, Growth and Plasticity
Guo Huang Organ development and regeneration
Hana El-Samad Systems Biology of Stress Responses
Hani Goodarzi Cancer Systems Biology and Translational Genomics
Hao Li Computational Genomics
Hiten Madhani Gene expression, genome defense, and pathogenesis
Holly Ingraham Transcriptional regulators in energy balance
Jack Taunton Actin/Membrane Dynamics and Chemical Proteomics
James Fraser Macromolecular structure and dynamics
Jason Cyster Lymphocyte Migration and Selection
Jennifer Fung Chromosome Synapsis and Recombination Control During Meiosis
Jeremy Reiter Intercellular communication in development and disease
Jeremy Willsey Genetic and Systems Biological Approaches to Understanding Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Jim Wells Apoptosis and Differentiation
Joachim Li Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA Replication
Joanne Engel Bacterial Pathogen-Host Cell Interactions
John Rubenstein Forebrain Development
John Gross Control of eukaryotic mRNA stability
Joseph DeRisi Genomics and Infectious Disease
Joseph Bondy-Denomy CRISPR-Cas Biology and Phage-Bacteria Interactions
Katja Brückner Hematopoiesis and cell signaling
Kaveh Ashrafi Metabolic Regulation of Neural Function
Keith Mostov Epithelial polarity, morphogenesis and regeneration
Keith Yamamoto Signal Transduction and Transcriptional Regulation
Kevan Shokat Development of Novel Tools to Study Signal Transduction
Lani Wu Systems biology and pharmacology
Leor Weinberger How viruses (and cells) make decisions
Lily Jan Ion channels
Louis Ptacek Human Neurogenetics
Luke Gilbert Functional genomics and synthetic biology applied to cancer biology
Mark von Zastrow Linking Cell Signaling and Membrane Traffic
Markus Delling Primary cilia signaling during development and disease
Martin Kampmann The protein homeostasis network in normal and disease states of human cells
Maxence Nachury Trafficking and signaling at the primary cilium
Michael McManus RNAi and Noncoding RNAs
Nadav Ahituv Functional genomics of gene regulation
Natalia Jura Structure Function Studies of Cellular Signaling
Nevan Krogan Systems Biology
Noelle L'Etoile Neuronal plasticity
Oren Rosenberg Molecular pathogenesis of bacteria
Orion Weiner Cell polarity and migration
Pamela England Chemical Neurobiology: Ion Channel Structure-Function, Synaptic Plasticity
Pao-Tien Chuang Hedgehog Signaling in Mammalian Embryogenesis and Postnatal Physiology
Patrick O'Farrell Cell cycle control in development
Peter Turnbaugh Impact of the human gut microbiome on pharmacology
Peter Walter Mechanisms of Organelle Homeostasis
Pui Yan Kwok Analysis of Complex Genetic Traits
Raul Andino RNA Viruses, Replication, Pathogenesis and Control
Rik Derynck Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
Robert Fletterick Nuclear receptors, transcription factors
Robert Edwards Neurotransmitter Release
Robert Stroud Cellular Signaling and Molecular Mechanisms
Robert Blelloch Stem Cell Differentiation and Cancer
Roland Bainton The Biology of Chemical Protection
Ron Vale Molecular Motors
Rong Wang Molecular Regulation of Arterial-Venous Programming in Development and Disease
Roshanak Irannejad Organelle-based signaling in cardiovascular biology
Rushika Perera Reprogramming of cellular metabolic networks in cancer
Samuel Pleasure Control of Early Hippocampal Development
Seemay Chou Structural and molecular basis of host-microbe interactions
Shaeri Mukherjee Host-pathogen interactions
Shawn Douglas DNA nanotechnology
Sophie Dumont Mechanical architecture of cell division
Stephen Floor What RNA molecules do after they're made
Steven Altschuler Systems biology and pharmacology
Su Guo Zebrafish Genetics
Suzanne Noble The Biology of Candida albicans
Takashi Mikawa Morphogenesis
Tanja Kortemme Computational protein design, how proteins function in complex contexts
Thea Tlsty Communal-cell interactions in cancer, genetics, epigenetics
Thomas Kornberg Drosophila developmental genetics
Todd Nystul Epithelial stem cells and cancer
Tom Nowakowski Development and function of the human brain
Torsten Wittmann Cytoskeleton dynamics and microscopy
Wallace Marshall How Cells Count and Measure
Wendell Lim Cell signaling; systems and synthetic biology
Yifan Cheng Structural biology, cryoEM
Yin Shen Functional genomics and gene regulation
Yuh Nung Jan Constructing the nervous system
Yuriy Kirichok Electrical Signaling at the Mitochondrion in Health and Disease
Zena Werb Functional Genomics of Extracellular Proteolysis in Development and Cancer
Zev Gartner Tissue structure and function