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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han

Developmental Biology

The faculty of the Developmental Biology Group are drawn from a wide range of UCSF departments in basic and clinical science. The participating research groups share an interest in understanding the basic mechanisms of embryonic development and differentiation. Studies of organisms as diverse as nematodes, fruit flies, zebrafish and mice are conducted using the wide variety of approaches, instruments, and techniques of modern biological research.

Two additional graduate programs at UCSF offer training in developmental biology.  
First Name Last Namesort ascending Research Title
Lani Wu Systems biology and pharmacology
Jeremy Willsey Genetic and Systems Biological Approaches to Understanding Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Leor Weinberger How viruses (and cells) make decisions
Deepak Srivastava Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiogenesis
Yin Shen Functional genomics and gene regulation
Bjoern Schwer DNA repair and genome stability
Rich Schneider Developmental and Evolutionary Musculoskeletal Biology
John Rubenstein Forebrain Development
Jeremy Reiter Intercellular communication in development and disease
David Raleigh Developmental biology, lipid signaling and brain tumors
Samuel Pleasure Control of Early Hippocampal Development
Barbara Panning Stem Cell Epigenetics
Patrick O'Farrell Cell cycle control in development
Takashi Mikawa Morphogenesis
Wallace Marshall How Cells Count and Measure
Arnold Kriegstein Neocortical development
Thomas Kornberg Drosophila developmental genetics
David Kokel High-throughput behavior-based neuroactive drug discovery
Yuh Nung Jan Constructing the nervous system
Holly Ingraham Transcriptional regulators in energy balance
Su Guo Zebrafish Genetics
Rik Derynck Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
Graeme Davis Synapse Formation, Growth and Plasticity
Pao-Tien Chuang Hedgehog Signaling in Mammalian Embryogenesis and Postnatal Physiology
Fred Chang Regulation of Cell Size and Shape
Andy Chang Mechanisms of oxygen and metabolic sensing
Benoit Bruneau Transcriptional regulation of heart development
Robert Blelloch Stem Cell Differentiation and Cancer
Brian Black Cardiovascular Development
Kaveh Ashrafi Metabolic Regulation of Neural Function
Steven Altschuler Systems biology and pharmacology