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Drosophila sensory neurons tile the larval body wall, Dr. Chun Han


Faculty in the Genetics Interest Group are dedicated to the training of graduate students in modern molecular, developmental, and medical genetics. The research interests of this group combine the related interests and research efforts in genetics of both basic science and clinical faculty. The faculty is engaged in diverse research issues studying gene expression, differentiation and development, chromosome structure and mechanics, structure of the human genome, human biochemical genetics, radiation genetics, and cytogenetics. They study an equally diverse group of organisms, including tumor viruses, bacteria, yeast, fruit flies, nematodes, mice, and humans.

First Name Last Namesort descending Research Title
Nadav Ahituv Functional genomics of gene regulation
Bassem Al-Sady Mechanisms of formation and fidelity of epigenetic elements
Steven Altschuler Systems biology and pharmacology
Kaveh Ashrafi Metabolic Regulation of Neural Function
Allan Balmain Mouse Models for the Study of Human Cancer Susceptibility and Cancer Progression
Joseph Bondy-Denomy CRISPR-Cas Biology and Phage-Bacteria Interactions
Fred Chang Regulation of Cell Size and Shape
Joanne Engel Bacterial Pathogen-Host Cell Interactions
Jennifer Fung Chromosome Synapsis and Recombination Control During Meiosis
Luke Gilbert Functional genomics and synthetic biology applied to cancer biology
Andrei Goga Oncogene Signaling
Doug Gould Cell-matrix interactions and disease
Carol Gross Regulation of Gene Expression
Su Guo Zebrafish Genetics
Alexander (Sandy) Johnson Yeast Genetics and Genomics
Martin Kampmann The protein homeostasis network in normal and disease states of human cells
Aimee Kao Lysosome biology and pH dynamics in aging and disease
David Kokel High-throughput behavior-based neuroactive drug discovery
Thomas Kornberg Drosophila developmental genetics
Pui Yan Kwok Analysis of Complex Genetic Traits
Joachim Li Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA Replication
Dengke Ma Genetic analysis of biological homeostasis and extremophile
Hiten Madhani Gene expression, genome defense, and pathogenesis
Michael McManus RNAi and Noncoding RNAs
Todd Nystul Epithelial stem cells and cancer
Barbara Panning Stem Cell Epigenetics
Louis Ptacek Human Neurogenetics
David Raleigh Developmental biology, lipid signaling and brain tumors
Davide Ruggero How translational control shapes the proteome in normal and cancer cells
Bjoern Schwer DNA repair and genome stability
Yin Shen Functional genomics and gene regulation
Anita Sil Fungal Pathogenesis
Thea Tlsty Communal-cell interactions in cancer, genetics, epigenetics
David Toczyski The DNA damage response and ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis
Peter Turnbaugh Impact of the human gut microbiome on pharmacology
Jeremy Willsey Genetic and Systems Biological Approaches to Understanding Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Lani Wu Systems biology and pharmacology
Keith Yamamoto Signal Transduction and Transcriptional Regulation